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hair growth vitamin, GROW YOUR HAIR, longer hair, stronger hair, thicker hair, healthier hair, shinier hair, faster growing hair, less hair breakage, reduced hair fallout, better looking head of hair

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The Original VITAMINS For Your Hair Since 1972
Still the best after all these years... Head Start
® - Because it works...
hair food, hair growth vitamin, GROW YOUR HAIR, longer hair, stronger hair, thicker hair, healthier hair, shinier hair, faster growing hair, less hair breakage, reduced hair fallout, better looking head of hair

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hair growth vitamin, GROW YOUR HAIR, longer hair, stronger hair, thicker hair, healthier hair, shinier hair, faster growing hair, less hair breakage, reduced hair fallout, better looking head of hair
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Stop Excessive Hair Loss with HEAD START ®
GROW YOUR HAIR longer, stronger, thicker, healthier, shinier and faster with less breakage and reduced fallout for a better looking head of hair.

HEAD START ® VITAMINS For Your Hair, PROTEIN For Your Hair & NUTRiTiON For Your Hair
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Phase 1: Head Start ®
VITAMINS For Your Hair
Phase 2: Head Start ®
PROTEIN For Your Hair
Phase 3: Bio-Genesis ®
NUTRiTiON For Your Hair

HairCare From The Inside Out


Often copied, never equalled, it's
still the best after all these years
Because Head Start
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Vitamins For Your Hair
The Original Nutritional HairCare System

Phase 1.
.For Your Hair 60s
Phase 2.
.For Your Hair 60s
Phase 3.
.For Your Hair 60s

longer, stronger, thicker, healthier, shinier and
faster with less breakage and reduced fallout
for a better looking head of hair.

Strong, healthy hair begins in the tiny follicles beneath your scalp where the nutritional needs are immense.

To properly condition your hair you must get to the root of the matter, your hair follicles.

Head Start
® utilizes folate; biotin; and niacin (nicotinic acid / vitamin B3), a natural peripheral vasodilator which, like minoxidil, serves to deliver more nutrients to your problem hair, allowing it to grow and develop as strong and healthy as your own body's metabolism will allow.

The cause of your hair loss may not be genetic,
hair loss from other factors may actually be something you can stop ---

Are you experiencing excessive HairLoss from:
... Bad Diet? ... Surgery? ... Drug Interaction? ... Chemotherapy? ... Radiation Therapy? ... Hormonal Imbalance? ... Pregnancy? ... Cigarettes? ... Alopecia? ... Poor Blood Circulation? ... Advancing Age? ...

If so, you should ... click here to SAVE YOUR HAIR ( Complete Product Information Link )

Returning Customer? If you're happy with your regular use of Head Start
® tell a friend about us.
Why? Because we don't spend money on radio, TV or magazine ads and put everything into our product,
so we depend on word-of-mouth recommendation to let others know how well Head Start
® works.

Next time someone compliments you on how good your hair looks, tell them about Head Start
The Natural Hair Care Product - They'll appreciate the referral, and so will we.

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Phase 1 - Head Start ® VITAMINS For Your Hair supply vitamins and minerals many diets may lack yet which are so important to the growth of strong, healthy hair, plus folate, biotin, and niacin (nicotinic acid / vitamin B3) in its peripheral vasodilator form to increase blood supply and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles.
Ships via PRIORITY Mail add vitamins 116 VITAMINS 60s #116 $11.95 buy vitamins 116

or: Buy Six and
SAVE 28% add vitamins 6116 6xVITAMINS 60s $51.25 buy vitamins 6116
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45

Phase 2 - Head Start ® PROTEIN For Your Hair provides the amino-acid building blocks of cell protein plus 72 trace minerals which your body utilizes in the production of strong, healthy hair, at the hair follicle level.
Ships via PRIORITY Mail add protein 115 PROTEIN 60s #115 $11.95 buy protein 115
or: Buy Six and SAVE 28% add protein 6115 6xPROTEIN 60s $51.25 buy protein 6115
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45

Phase 3 - Bio-Genesis ® NUTRiTiON For Your Hair allows you to add these certain selected vitamins, minerals & amino-acids to your daily supplementation regimen without duplicating the Phase 1 dosage of vitamin A, or encountering more than is necessary of any individual minerals or amino acids.
Ships via PRIORITY Mail add nutrition #114 NUTRiTiON 60s #114 $11.95 buy nutrition #114
or: Buy Six and SAVE 28% add nutrition 6114 6xNUTRiTiON 60s $51.25 buy nutrition 6114
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45

You'll find nothing included in any of the Head Start
® Nutritional HairCare System hair vitamins which doesn't have a sound physical, metabolic or nutritional reason for being there. There are no herbs or ground peppers in our products, only completely safe nutrients which are scientifically proven to be involved in hair keratin production. Our b-Vitamins, folate (folic acid), nicotinic acid (niacin / vitamin B3) and biotin hair vitamin formulas for problem hair can promote thicker hair and assist in getting hair growing to its maximum. They function like hair food to feed the needs of your hair follicles.

Most people using Head Start
® find that they no longer need to take a separate daily MultiVitamin formula since our three phases together provide the full range of supplementation they were getting from their Multi but with the added advantage that the Head Start ® ingredients are also geared for greater benefit to the hair follicles than are basic over-the-counter MultiVitamin tablets. In this manner you save the extra cost of the duplication of ingredients from the daily Multi you may have been purchasing before through daily use of the Head Start ® Nutritional HairCare System.

If you are using a product with minoxidil, you may also use Head Start
® hair vitamins with no adverse effect for getting hair to grow faster and thicker. It functions like hair food to make problem hair into thicker hair, without the side-effects of minoxidil. Getting hair vitamins working for you as a kind of hair food can produce thicker hair and healthier hair with only benefit for a healthier, better looking head of hair.

Don't Miss-Treat your hair. If you aim to target your problem hair with the right treatment, hit the bull's-eye with Head Start
® Vitamins - the right product to treat your hair to a great meal. Proper nourishment of the root cause of hair regrowth and strength, your hair follicles, will score big in the healthy hair category and give the radiant glow of victory over damaged, drooping and falling hair. Don't lose out in the contest to keep your hair where it belongs. Keep your hair healthy and strong by targeting the root of your hair growth with all the nutrients needed to return it to its former crowning glory.

When it come to a hair loss remedy for hair regrowth, Head Start
® is the natural hair care product to give you a professional hair care treatment without comparison. Head Start ® is the hair loss product which has been the choice of thousands of satisfied customers as their preferred hair loss remedy. It's the natural formula which provides natural hair care from a hair loss product which is also a professional hair care treatment for thinning, damaged hair to allow hair regrowth with a natural hair care product without harmful drugs or damaging ingredients which can sometimes do more harm than good. A hair loss product which remains the best solution for thinning, breaking hair, in addition to being the one natural hair care treatment you can depend on for its proven approach to professional hair care without continuing hair loss due to poor nutrient delivery to the scalp and hair follicles.

Some Testimonials From Consumers' Use Of The Head Start® Nutritional HairCare System ...

Dear HeadStart Vitamins Team!! Here is my feedback... I so appreciated your product during my 6-months chemo-session which I successfully completed a couple of weeks ago!!  I only lost a little bit of hair for which I was most grateful!! Therefore, please expedite another order just like my 1st order. It is my plan to regain the full strength of my hair back! Kind regards! WEB - Chicago IL

I think your product is wonderful. I'm going through chemo and it slowed down my loss of hair. Please send my re-order as soon as possible... BR - Carpinteria CA

My hair was very thin. When I started using Head Start Vitamins my hair started growing, really fast, no more breakage, no more thin hair. I am so happy with my results, now my hair is thicker and longer. I am very pleased with this product. Thanks for Head Start, it really works. BC - Atlanta GA

If I could receive good news after all the bad news I had to date, I welcomed the nurse saying I wouldn't lose my hair completely; but she added that it would thin out quite a bit. With that news, I had to make sure I didn't miss a day taking my Vitamins For Your Hair. My hair did "shed" more than usual, of course, once I began chemotherapy. Sometimes it came out in large handfuls, but no one could tell I was losing hair. Keep in mind, my hair is fine and thin. All in all, I was pleased as long as no one could tell any difference. I was beginning to take it for granted until we went on vacation for a week and living out of a suitcase I would forget my vitamins. Sure enough, while in the shower shampooing my hair, I came out with a big clump of hair - two clumps - and the tough part was strands would come out together - now I realized what the nurse meant when she said it would thin out noticeably. I immediately started taking my Head Start Vitamins For Your Hair again and sure enough the heavy loss stopped. I did continue to lose some hair, but I can't tell the difference, nor can anyone else. BFW - Fort Lauderdale FL

Bettye progresses and lives her life marked by over five years of dealing with adenocarcinoma
lung cancer, chemotherapy and the risk of hairloss from the harsh lung-cancer maintenance drugs

bettye november 2003

November 2003
One year after VAT lung cancer surgery
bettye november 2004

November 2004
After six months of chemotherapy
bettye november 2005

November 2005
Just past her first year in remission
bettye november 2006

November 2006
Growing strong two years in remission
bettye november 2007

November 2007
Looking great three years in remission

Click Here to check the backstory on Bettye's lung cancer diagnosis. These postings are a WebLog of her experiences and meditations in dealing with her adenocarcinoma lung cancer.

I have used your product for the last six months, and boy have I seen great results.  Thank you so much From LY - New York City NY

Thank you for manufacturing the best hair product I have ever used. I have tried many other hair products but none can compare to yours; not even close. All of my friends say the same thing. Thank you, once again, and as always, Respectfully -  DG - Las Vegas NV

I've tried a number of hair products and this has been the best! The prices are very reasonable, but most of all they work! I'm a 45 year old female, with a lot of stress ... I would suggest these vitamins to anyone. Thank you for an excellent product!  JC - Plano TX

I have been using this product for 2 yrs and my nails and hair have never been so healthy.  I would recommend anyone that has a desire for healthy hair and nails to use the product.  it is very affordable too.  AAA - Milton DE

I cannot believe how quickly this is working. I can see the new growth in two months at the front of my head. Unbelievable this stuff is GREAT. RH - Juneau AK

I have been using Headstart Vitamins for six months and find an improvement in new hair growth and stronger nails. Thank You, BA - Bloomery WV

Head Start is great for hairloss due to hormone problems. I have been using this product for the last two years. Love it, MV - Chicago IL

For two years I used another product, but it didn't work. I went to buy a different product that's when I saw a bottle of Headstart I decided to give it a try and it really works! I have been taking these vitamins for a year and I can see the hair growth. My daughter is actually counting the hairs on my head every day. I was completely bald on the top, I will be sending you guys a picture of the before and after as soon as I get a little more hair. I will be recommending Headstart to all my friends bald or not bald. Keep up the good work. Thank You Very Much ... FC - Broadview IL

Hi, My name is Kelly and I just want to say that I have been using Headstart for 2 months now and it has improved my hair quality tremendously. My hair had been thinning especially by the hairline, it was always dry and brittle. Since using headstart my hair has a little shine to it and it has grown a little as well. Also my hairline has filled out a little. I don't expect anything to work overnight but I have seen a vast improvement all around within the 2 months I have been using it. I just went to CVS to get another 2 month supply. I just wanted to say thanks for something that actually works!!! ... KG - New York NY

I wish I had found your product years ago! Now I am growing about 1/2 inch per Month! I even have hair growing in areas which only have had small fuzzy hair! So every month I have to re-color my hair so the 1/2 inch of grey hair is covered up! I forgot to add I take one each of the 3 pills in the morning and same at night before I go to bed - you should change the instructions to all 3 - twice a day - and the hair really grows fast! ... JS - Phoenix AZ

Love Head Start! I have noticed a change in my hair texture, it is thicker, stronger, and more healthy looking. Also my complexion is more healthy and clear! This stuff really works! ... TW - Washington DC

These are the ONLY vitamins that have actually STOPPED my hair from falling out. I could not believe the results. My Hair looked full and healthy again. But I purchased them from Walgreens, I only have taken them for a total of 4 months then I couldn't get my hands on them again, I was bummed. But I told My Mother about these and due to meds her hair is thinning, So we are dividing this order for her to try, and if my Mother gets good results, like I ... Well she'll get you a lot more customers, that's for sure. Thanks for a miracle product :o) ... CZ - Westminster CO

Click Here For More Testimonials


Phase 1- Head Start ® VITAMINS For Your Hair Tablets 60s
or purchase six at a time and save $23.75 in extra postage
Purchase Six bottles and Get A 28% Discount off retail price
add vitamins 6116 Six Bottles of Vitamins 60s $51.25 buy vitamins 6116
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45
add vitamins 116
Vitamins 60s
#116 $11.95
One Bottle
buy vitamins 116
vitamins for your hair 116

Phase 2 - Head Start ® PROTEIN For Your Hair Tablets 60s
or purchase six at a time and save $23.75 in extra postage
Purchase Six bottles and Get A 28% Discount off retail price
add protein 6115 Six Bottles of Protein 60s $51.25 buy protein 6115
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45
add protein 115
Protein 60s
#115 $11.95
One Bottle
buy protein 115
protein for your hair 116

Phase 3 - Bio-Genesis ® NUTRiTiON For Your Hair Tabs 60s
or purchase six at a time and save $23.75 in extra postage
Purchase Six bottles and Get A 28% Discount off retail price
add nutrition 6114 Six Bottles of Nutrition 60s $51.25 buy nutrition 6114
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45
add nutrition 114
Nutrition 60s
#114 $11.95
One Bottle
buy nutrition 114
nutrition for your hair 114

Two Months' ComboPak - Three Phase HEAD STARTer Kit
Head Start
® VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
Head Start ® PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s
Bio-Genesis ® NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s
Retail VALUE $35.85 ( Cost Each $10.75 ) You Save $3.60
add combopak 123
180s #123
buy combopak 123
combopak 123

Four Months' Supply - Three Phase System
Buy Two VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
plus Two PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s &
Two NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s
SAVE 28%
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $25.20
add special 200
2x180s #200
buy special 200
special combopak 200

Twelve Months' Supply - Three Phase System
Contains Six VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
plus Six PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s and
Six NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s
Retail VALUE $215.10 ( Cost Each $7.18 ) You Save $109.60
add special 212
6x180s #212
buy special 212
combopak special 212

Six Months' Supply - Phases 1 & 2 Basic System
Buy Three VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
plus Three PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s and
Get A 28% Discount
SAVE $20.45 plus 2x extra postage
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $29.95
add special 201
360s #201
buy special 201
special 201

vitamins 360s 6116protein 360s 6115nutrition 360s 6114

HEAD START ® Introduced Bio~Genesis ® to America in 1979

Bio-Genesis® Original HELSINKI Formula Overnight Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner
and Head Start
® Original HELSINKI Formula Shampoo and Conditioner Products

biogenesis shampoo 100 conditioner 160
biogenesis lotion 022Bio-Genesis®

The Original
Helsinki Formula
Scalp & Pore Cleanser
Overnight LOTION

developed in clinical studies at the University of Helsinki in Finland, was found by researchers there to be a breakthrough in cases of hair loss. The Helsinki lab formula was shown to stop hair fallout in two thirds of those studied, and to actually promote hair growth in about half of those, or one third of the overall research group.

Bio-Genesis® Original Helsinki Formula
Original Helsinki Special Cleansing Shampoo
Original Helsinki Hair ReVitalizing Conditioner
Head Start® Original Helsinki Formulae
The Original Helsinki Formula Shampoo
The Original Helsinki Formula Conditioner

Biotein H-3 Gel w/Nucleic Acids
24 Hour Therapeutic Hair & Scalp Dressing

contains many of the Helsinki Formula ingredients as found in the Lotion, but in lesser concentration, and can be used during the day as a styling gel or mousse to supplement the effect of the Bio-Genesis® Overnight Lotion as well as the Bio-Genesis® Shampoo & Conditioner products.

biotein h3 gel 012

helsinki formula shampoo 014 conditioner 015
Our Head Start® Original Helsinki Formula Shampoo and Conditioner products were developed from laboratory research done on our Bio-Genesis® Hair & Scalp Lotion at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The ingredients found to be most beneficial to hair and scalp care have been blended into these special shampoo and conditioner formulae for daily use by anyone with excessive hair-loss or with prematurely thinning hair.

Bio-Genesis ®
Scalp and Pore CLEANSER Overnight Lotion

containing RNA, DNA, vitamins, polysorbates, amino-acids
and peripheral vasodilators, is applied with a few drops
massaged into the scalp each evening.

add lotion 022 #022 ( 2oz ) $24.95 buy lotion 022

biogenesis lotion 022

Bio-Genesis ®
designed to work along with the Bio~Genesis ® Original Helsinki Formula
Lotion to keep the scalp clear of sebum buildup and to enhance
the beneficial effect of the Helsinki Complex component of the
Bio~Genesis ® Hair & Scalp Overnight Cleansing Lotion.
add biogenesis shampoo 100 #100 ( 8oz ) $11.95 buy biogenesis shampoo 100

bio-genesis helsinki formula shampoo 100

Bio-Genesis ®
contains stimulating ingredients for increasing circulation in the
scalp and strengthening ingredients for the cuticle of the hair shaft.
This cleansing and conditioning system is amphoteric and contains no
cholesterol, lanolin derivatives or harsh anionic ingredients.
add bio-genesis conditioner 160 #160 ( 8oz ) $11.95 buy biogenesis conditioner 160

Bio-Genesis helsinki formula conditioner 160
Bio-Genesis ®
Biotein H-3 Gel with Nucleic Acids
24 Hour Therapeutic Hair & Scalp Dressing
contains many of the Helsinki Formula ingredients as found in the Lotion,
but in lesser concentration, and can be used during the day as a styling gel
or mousse to supplement the effect of the
Bio~Genesis ® Overnight Lotion
as well as the
Bio~Genesis ® Shampoo and Conditioner products.
add biotein h3 gel 012 #012 ( 5oz ) $11.95 buy biotein h3 gel 012

bio-genesis biotein h3 gel 012
The Original HELSINKI FORMULA Shampoo
The Helsinki Complex ingredients found to be most beneficial
to hair and scalp care have been blended into this special shampoo
formula for daily use by anyone with excessive hair-loss

or with prematurely thinning hair.
add helsinki formula shampoo 014 #014 ( 8oz ) $11.95 buy helsinki formula shampoo 014

Head Start helsinki formula shampoo 014

The Original HELSINKI FORMULA Conditioner
These Helsinki Complex conditioning ingredients derived
from the laboratory research are in lesser strength than as found
in the Bio~Genesis
® Original Helsinki Formula Overnight Lotion,
but greater than contained in the Bio~Genesis
® Conditioner.
add helsinki formula conditioner 015 #015 ( 8oz ) $11.95 buy helsinki formula conditioner

head start helsinki formula conditioner 015
SPECIAL # 202 - Two Months' Supply - Save $31.85
Buy One Each Head Start ® VITAMINS, PROTEIN and NUTRiTiON 60s
Plus One Head Start
® Helsinki Formula Shampoo, One Helsinki Formula
Conditioner and One Bio-Genesis
® Helsinki Formula Lotion 2oz and GET
One Bio-Genesis
® Special Cleansing Shampoo 8oz FREE, plus
One Bio-Genesis
® Hair ReVitalizing Conditioner 8oz FREE plus
One Bio-Genesis
® Biotein H-3™ Gel Hair Dressing FREE
Retail VALUE $120.55 - Your Cost $84.70
add special 202 SPECIAL #202 $84.70 buy special 202

Head Start Bio-Genesis Helsinki Formula Special 202
SPECIAL # 203 - FREE Bio-Genesis ® 2oz - Save $24.95
Buy One Bio-Genesis ® Helsinki Formula Lotion 2oz, plus
One Bio-Genesis ® Special Cleansing Shampoo 8oz, plus
One Bio-Genesis ® Hair ReVitalizing Conditioner 8oz plus
One Bio-Genesis ® NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s and Get
A 2nd Bio-Genesis ® Helsinki Formula Lotion

Retail VALUE $81.75 - Your Cost $60.80
add special 203 SPECIAL #203 $60.80 buy special 203

bio-genesis special 203

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HEAD START ® VITAMINS For Your Hair, PROTEIN For Your Hair & NUTRiTiON For Your Hair
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biotin, minoxidylniacin, nicotinic acidvitamin b3, minoxidil

Links To Other Fine Products From HEAD START
® and Vitamin Products International Inc

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pantron rogaine
Introduced Bio~Genesis ®
Helsinki Formula to America in 1979

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helsinki shampoo biotin, minoxidil
Bio-Genesis ® Helsinki Formula
Head Start ® Helsinki Formula

cellulite eliminatorCell•U•Lite

fat zapper
Fat Zapper
The Fat Magnet

Head Start ®
Customer Testimonials

Hair Loss Information.com

Check out our Head Start ®
HairCare Specials

Selected Retail Stores
In The USA and Other Countries

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our Head Start ® products
to any retail chain drug stores

I Had Almost Given Up On My Hair Problem Until I Discovered Vitamins For My Hair; Believe Me, It Works. Believe me I had a problem. Five years ago I had all sorts of hair problems. I even thought I was going to lose my hair. Everyone in my family always had thick, healthy hair, so I knew my problem could not be heredity. I tried everything that made sense, and even a few things that didn't. When I went to a dermatologist, I got no encouragement. One doctor even jokingly said the only way to save my hair was to put it in a safety deposit box. Incidentally, he had less hair than I did. Needless to say, nothing would work for me. But I didn't give up hope. I couldn't. My good looks (and vanity) spurred me on to find a cure. I started hitting the books. My studies on hair have pointed more and more to nutrition. Major nutritionists report that vitamins and minerals in the right combination and in the right proportion are necessary to keep hair healthy. And one internationally acclaimed beauty and health expert says the best hair conditioner in the world is proper nutrition. (In the non-hereditary cases, in which hair loss is directly attributed to vitamin deficiencies, hair has been reported to literally thrive after the deficiencies were corrected.) Believe The Experts, It Works. Then I started reading all the data on nutrition I could get my hands on. I am now finding the medical field beginning to support these nutritionists. Studies have determined that the normal adult could be replacing each hair on the head as often as once every three to four years. You need to give your hair its own specific dietary attention, just as you give your body in general. One doctor at a major university discovered that re-growth of scalp cells occur seven times as fast as other body cells. Therefore, general nutrition even though it may be good enough for proper nourishment of the skin - (may not be sufficient for scalp and hair). In the Juman Hair Symposium conducted in 1973 scientists reported that hair simply won't grow without sufficient zinc sulfate. In case after case my hopees were reinforced by professional opinions. (And you know how hard it is to get any two scientists or doctors to agree on anything.) The formula I devised for my own hair called for 7 vitamins and 5 minerals. The only problem was I discovered I was spending about $30 a month for the separate compounds. So, after a half year of further study, careful experimentation and product development, Head Start was made. A precisely formulated vitamin and mineral supplement specifically designed to provide the five minerals and seven vitamins your hair desperately needs for health. At a price everyone can afford. Four years later, over a quarter million people have tried Head Start. Over 100 of the regular users, by the way, are medical doctors. What's more, a little more than half of our users are females! Today, as you can see from the picture, my own hair is greatly improved. But don't take my word for it. I have a business to run. Listen to the people (both men and women) who wrote in, although they weren't asked to, nor were they paid a cent, to drop me a line. Believe Them, It Works. Believe Our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, It Works. Try Head Start for 30 days. If you feel that the results you receive are not satisfactory in every way, you can return the unused portion and get your money back. Just like that. No questions asked. Send me __ bottles of Head Start at $9.95 each, plus seventy-five cents for handling (50 day supply) Act now and receive a free booklet on hair care. Glenn Braswell, President, CosVetic Laboratories. Head Start ®
Vitamins For Your Hair

Print Advertisement from
Playboy Magazine
circa 1975

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Reprints Of Articles From Past Issues Of The Body Forum Magazine
The Key To
A Perfect Head Of Hair
Letter & Research from
Dr Kai Setala
Interview with
Dr Ilona Schreck-Purola
Beautiful skin, clear eyes and thick, luxurious hair are the penultimate benefits of good health. Nothing bespeaks more highly of an individual's commitment to self than a total glow that radiates from within. It has often been noted that healthy hair reflects good health, whereas dull, lifeless hair speaks of the opposite. Yet some of us still churn upon the age-old conundrum - what will truly stop excessive hair-loss and how can less than perfect hair become your crowning glory? Since the beginning of culture, mankind has pondered the variances of hair. The early Egyptians expended quite a lot of ingenuous thought and energy on the question, as indicated by the proliferation of cures devised, most of which included minerals and herbs. The Ebers Papyrus, an extensive cosmological text, provided voluminous writings on hair-care, hair thickening and coloration, as well as theories about and cures for excessive hair-loss. It's often been wondered whether the shearing of Samson's tresses and his pursuant loss of physical power was apocryphal, or if it was just the psychological effect which proved debilitating. Aristotle, a Grecian philosopher, began Western civilization's investigation of baldness with his observation of the apparent proneness of men rather than women, children or eunuchs to lose their hair. More sophisticated observation led to the first major text devoted to hair, hair quality and growth by the Frenchman Sabourard in the early 1900's, and Gustav Eckstein provided a combination of physiological information and philosophical inquiry on the relationship of hair to the whole body in The Body Has A Head. According to Eckstein, hair has a multitude of functions, integrative of biology and psychology. Found on every square inch of the body except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, hair serves to regulate temperature through the trapping and releasing of air while at the same time reflecting and affecting an animal's self-expression. And although humans have "intentionally" reassigned hair to function mainly as decorative, the hair is still affected by and affects sex, defensive postures and bodily temperatures. Eckstein concluded his comments with a brief query as to how mankind lost most of its bodily hair while evolving it to its present decorative status atop the head. Whatever reasons precipitated the development of a decorative function for hair, we have an inveterate concern for keeping that which we have and keeping it healthy. An especially sensitive area is hair-loss; this is true for both men and women. Regardless of the role that heredity plays, excessive hair-loss (more than a few dozen hairs a day) is often considered avoidable. When hair-loss is active and not seen as related to heredity, it is important to consider other potential etiologies, such as febrile states, postpartum endocrine imbalance, chronic illness and vitamin or protein deprivation. Not surprisingly, other factors seen as contributing to hair-loss are the same that contribute to dull, brittle and lackluster hair. These include: stress; hormone changes; sexual stress and frustration; improper diet; lack of exercise; the advent of puberty; and harsh hair-care products. Stress is the major contributor to poor, unhealthy appearing hair, which in itself is quite upsetting considering how endemic stress is to our lives. Stress can be caused by either external factors or internal physical or psychological changes. Even the modern conveniences of central heating and air conditioning can act as stressors on the body and play havoc with your hair. It is also believed that sunshine actually affects the physical and chemical properties of hair per se, from the root to the tip. Even minimal hair-care (washing, combing, brushing and undoing tangles) can cause damage to the hair. These activities can lift the cell cuticle up, snap the fibers or cause splitting. Most cosmetic treatments, such as bleaching and perming, turn the natural surface architecture of the hair (which is a smooth scale structure) into a variety of negative configurations such as jagged scale edges, scale erosion and fiber splitting (Swift and Brown); and according to Robbins and Kelly, hair that is bleached contains less cystine, an all-important amino acid protein for healthy, vibrant hair, as well as less tyrosine and methionine, two more essential amino acid proteins for your hair. In sum, all hair, no matter how well cared for, is exposed to detrimental elements. As such, hair needs particular care to stay healthy. Diet and exercise are the building blocks for healthy hair. This includes the elimination of white flour products, sugar and salt, and the ingestion of vitamins, minerals and proteins that feed the hair, including: Vitamin B-Complex and other B vitamins; Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Choline and Inositol, Niacin; Folic Acid; PABA; good protein and sulfur amino acids; and minerals such as zinc, iodine, iron, manganese and copper. In other words, your food source nutrition and nutritional supplements should provide a balanced amount of the key dietary nutrients known to support healthy hair growth. As for exercise, it provides a multitude of values for your hair. Strenuous exercise aids your digestive system and its utilization of vitamins, minerals and proteins; increases your circulation, thus keeping the glands in your scalp functioning properly; helps reduce stress and tension; and most importantly, helps you feel good.
CosVetic July © 1977
Letter From Dr Kai Setala Reprinted From The Body Forum Magazine Dear Body Forum Readers Bio-Genesis is a completely new deep-pore scalp cleanser effective for the prevention of thinning hair and excessive hair-loss. Bio-Genesis was developed by us during a 25 year research program into the skin barrier. Extensive clinical tests with the new treatment have shown that the exceptional cleansing powers of the new preparation are extremely effective for the prevention of thinning hair and excessive hair-loss which, in most cases, would invariably lead to baldness. Bio-Genesis is an important aid in preventing the social and psychological problems associated with hair and scalp. It is important to closely follow the directions for treatment. All preparations and products marketed under the trademark Bio-Genesis are authenticated by us, Dr I Schreck-Purola and Professor K Setala, MD, and are manufactured according to our strict specifications. Kai Setala & Ilona Schreck-Purola The Natural Cycle Of Skin and Hair Growth Before I discuss with you the problem of excessive hair-loss, I need to mention a few important features of our skin. It is not merely the outer cover for our body, as such. On the contrary, the skin gererally is a very active organ having to perform numerous important and different functions. There are several skin layers. The immediate skin surface is the epidermis. The hairs, together with the oil and sweat glands, are part of this. The epidermis renews itself continuously throughout the individual's life. Epidermal mother cells multiply and form daughter cells. These newly-formed daughter cells push the older mother cells outwards, and daughter cells themselves gradually approach the skin surface. During all this cell traffic, the wandering cells change both in appearance and in nature, until their life finally terminates with the formulation of dead horny scales. The scales ultimately disintegrate, to be replaced by new ones. While the epidermis protects the body, its own cells are doomed to die by forming scales. Our hair has a somewhat related life history, passing through several stages of growth. The so-called root of the hair is imbedded in the follicle. The hair grows through cell multiplication within the follicle, meaning each newly formed hair produces daughter cells. These, in turn, produce cells of their own again, and so on. As the hair matures and reaches the end of its growth cycle, the cells change in appearance. As long as nothing interferes with this growth process, the matured hair will be pushed out of the follicle by a new hair, having an identical growth cycle to the previous one. Under normal conditions, this hair exchange cycle continues more or less uninterruptedly as long as this complex hair-exchange process is not being disturbed. Kai Setala, MD Excerpts From Contributions From The 1st Department of Pathology and Its Radiological Laboratory of University of Helsinki Effects of a Hair-Growth-Promoting Preparation Clinical Trials Based on Histoquantitative Data, Helsinki, Finland, 1978 A report is given about clinical trials to demonstrate by direct quantitative means that stimulation of hair follicle growth is possible, at least under certain circumstances with a given topically applied hair preparation. Observations were made on a series of 167 adult male volunteers suffering from excesive hair-loss or more advanced male pattern baldness. These subjects were selected from among more than 350 volunteers, and had been screened with the utmost care to avoid later criticism. A histological examination of biopsy specimens removed simultaneously from several (two, three or nine) different areas of the scalp with a hand punch 4.0mm in diameter. On every occasion biopsies (one or three) were also taken from the fully haired occipital (back) region of the scalp. According to clinical experience, it is in the occipital zone that hair growth persists longest in males. Thus, every test subject served as his own reference, and so the technique strengthens the significance of the results. In males, hair growth is in principle synchronized and not mosaic as claimed before and this is important because hair growth under normal conditions represents a continuous, long-term, though rhythmically alternating process - in the assessment of this and related problems, it is imperative to examine numerous biopsy specimens simultaneously removed from several different scalp regions, and on several successive occasions. When applied to the cutaneous (skin) surface, the preparation rapidly penetrates the epidermis proper and enters the area surrounding the hair follicles. A high rate of cell division is induced both in the epidermis and in the hair follicle. As among its other properties, the preparation exerts detergent effects, remnants of keratin and dust particles are removed from the follicular mouths. The preparation also decreases the viscosity (thickness) of the intercellular fluids in the dermis, thus stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph. Earlier it was believed that male sex hormones (androgens, testosterone) are produced exclusively in the testes. Now, however, it is known that the human skin, with its sebaceous glands and hair follicles, is itself an important site for the biosynthesis of androgens. Thus, Cholesterol - when synthesized in the human skin - is metabolized in the scalp to angrogens; consequently if androgens are responsible for male pattern baldness (sometimes even termed 'andgrogenous baldness'), the cholesterol formed in the skin must also be responsible for the condition. If it is agreed that the hair follicle cycle and certain derangements in it - particularly those of the male pettern baldness type - are under the control of androgens (i.e., testosterone by-products), then in several respects cholesterol, the precursor of all steroid hormones, occupies a key position in the development of male pattern baldness. Perhaps one of the most important observations is that the preparation removes any excess of cholesterol and other oily compounds present at the cutaneous surface. On the basis of earlier data it was also concluded that the more frequently the scalp is exposed to the effects of the hair preparation, the stronger is the response in terms of hair follicle growth. Letter From Dr Kai Setala © 1979 CosVetic & Head Start ®
CosVetic September © 1979
Science's Answer To Hair-Loss Interview With Dr Ilona Schreck-Purola Reprinted From The Body Forum Magazine Ritua Ilona Schreck-Purola, MD, is the Assistant Pathologist at the First Department of Pathology, University of Helsinki, Finland. She has collaborated in and co-authored with Professor Kai Setala in the publication of a number of clinical and experimental research projects. Dr Schreck-Purola was involved in the studies primarily focused on certain aspects of skin physiology and skin permeability. For these purposes a number of compounds were used as methodological aids, some of which are in everyday use in cosmetics and food additives. Dr Schreck-Purola arranged the individual observations so that they formed a reasonable system and as such initiated the research and the development of the scalp treatment Bio-Genesis. She co-authored with Professor Setala the report, "Safety and Mode of Effect of a Hair Preparation: (Contributions from the First Department of Pathology, University of Helsinki, 1974 and 1978) BODY FORUM: How did your interest in hair loss problems first originate? DR PUROLA: My interest in this field awoke when I was asked to give lessons in a hair cosmetic school. They needed a doctor there, and I was invited. BODY FORUM: You mean you were to lecture about hair and scalp skin disorders? DR PUROLA: Yes, at that time, I had to read everything that I found about hair problems. So I had the background in addition to my own hair problems, and I began to think, what could be done. BODY FORUM: What is the actual cause of hair loss? DR PUROLA: There are so many different causes and you can read about them in every medical book. BODY FORUM: One Of the main points of the Bio-Genesis as I understand, is synthesizing excessive amounts of cholesterol on the scalp skin. DR PUROLA: Yes, but that's not the only point. It's such a complex problem. You need cholesterol for your skin; it's absolutely necessary for the skin health, but the excess of cholesterol, androgens and special metabolites is dangerous and can cause hair-loss leading to baldness. BODY FORUM: The formula then removes the excess of cholesterol? DR PUROLA: Yes it does, and most effectively. BODY FORUM: And it activated the hair cells and increases the cell division? DR PUROLA: Yes. By removing the excessive cholesterol, Bio-Genesis stimulates the division of hair cells and this of course results in new growth.  Studies on humans have shown that the hair follicle, in many cases, reactivated and regenerated in areas of the scalp completely bald for as long as 20 years. BODY FORUM: Can you describe the most recent clinical tests you conducted, and the results of those studies? DR PUROLA: Professor Setala conducted these clinical tests at the University ( Helsinki ) and the results were overwhelmingly positive. The people coming to him took part in the histoquantitative study; which means that he took scalp biopsies of all his patients at various intervals throughout the test and analyzed them microscopically. BODY FORUM: How long does the Bio-Genesis treatment take before results are seen? DR PUROLA: People have to use it for six to eight weeks at least, in some cases even six months. And Bio-Genesis must be used on a daily basis. BODY FORUM: Can anyone with hair problems and hair-loss problems use your formula and be completely helped? DR PUROLA: Most people can be helped with Bio-Genesis. Our studies prove Bio-Genesis to be equally as effective for women as it is for men. BODY FORUM: It cannot help everybody, maybe 60% to 80%? DR PUROLA: Yes, that's right. The results vary from study to study of course, but always within the 60% to 80% rate of success.  Bio-Genesis is combating the cause of pattern baldness, sometimes called hereditary baldness. If baldness tends to run in the family, then a person would be well advised to begin the Bio-Genesis treatments at the first sign of excessive hair-loss. This holds true for women as much as for men. Female hair-loss is a big problem today and on the increase every year. BODY FORUM: Bio-Genesis is absolutely non-toxic? DR PUROLA: The safety tests performed have proved that no side effects occur, unless you are an extremely sensitive person. BODY FORUM: How does the excessive cholesterol work on the scalp? DR PUROLA: It prohibits most cell division; the cells harden or rigidify and cannot grow properly. BODY FORUM: They become so hard that they do not divide? DR PUROLA: Yes. BODY FORUM: In Bio-Genesis, what is removing the cholesterol - the polyoil-fatty acid ester? DR PUROLA: Yes, it dissolves the excessive cholesterol, so that it will not inhibit hair growth. BODY FORUM: What do you foresee for the future in your discovery? No more baldness in the world? DR PUROLA: ( Laughter ) That would be nice. BODY FORUM: How good are your results with the hair treatment in Europe and Canada, where people have used your treatment for a number of years? DR PUROLA: I must say that the results are overwhelming, in many cases, even unbelievable. Clinics report between 60% and 78% rates of success. BODY FORUM: How many people do you estimate use the hair formula? DR PUROLA: I think altogether more than half a million people. BODY FORUM: Is there anyting you would like to add to this discussion? What should people with scalp problems do? Is it harmful to wash the hair every day? DR PUROLA: Yes, it is, if they use the wrong shampoo. BODY FORUM: You mean it is very important to use the right shampoo? DR PUROLA: Yes, really. When composing a shampoo one has to avoid long-chained carbon atoms which cause unfavorable effects on the skin cells and substances which are known to inhibit the cell division. For instance, cholesterol, lanolin and some preservatives. Furthermore, a shampoo should contain no alkalai and have the right pH level. BODY FORUM: So that means the Bio-Genesis shampoo, because it does not contain such substances, is supporting the effect of the Bio-Genesis Lotion formula? DR PUROLA: Exactly. Dr Setala and I formulated the Bio-Genesis Special Cleansing Shampoo to complement the action of Bio-Genesis Lotion. Together they produce the best results. If either is used without the other, the results will not be as great. Science's Answer To Hair Loss 1980 CosVetic & Head Start
CosVetic September © 1980

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